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#1 Hands-on Administration of PostgreSQL

Date: 2015-09-16
Time: 14:00 - 17:00
Room: State Room 3
Level: Intermediate

So you have a new app to deploy (or a developer developing one)- and so you need a database. Come learn how to get PostgreSQL up and running, the terminology, basics of user management (aka authN) and how PostgreSQL can tie into external authentication systems, the permissions system (aka authZ), managing space usage with tablespaces, and simple tuning techniques. Importantly, all you need to get that database system up and running, humming along smoothly for your application or developer needs.

This tutorial will cover the basics of PostgreSQL administration, including: defining what 'cluster', 'database', 'schema' and 'tablespace' mean in PostgreSQL, when to use which, how to authenticate to PostgreSQL as a unix user or over a network, what enterprise authentication systems PostgreSQL can integrate with, setting up new users and groups (also know as roles) in PostgreSQL, how to control access to PostgreSQL objects (including setting up default permissions for certain types of objects), addressing storage needs as your database grows by using tablespaces and a crash-course of how to tune PostgreSQL in a few minutes for your brand new database server.


Stephen Frost