PgBouncer and 20000 TPS at one node: advanced tuning, hacks and problem solving

Date: 2017-09-07
Time: 21:30 - 22:20
Room: Cyril Magnin
Level: Advanced

Deep dive into PgBouncer internals. This talk is about tuning PgBouncer for maximum performance and hidden problems solving.

Avito is the biggest classified site in Europe, and the third largest classified site in the world (after Kraigslist of USA and of China) with audience of 35+ millions active users monthly. PostgreSQL and PgBouncer are our core technologies.

We shall briefly go over: - Tuning most important config variables - Load-balancing and high availability - Hidden abilities - Monitoring - Troubleshooting - Internals and hacking, our patches


Victor Yagofarov