PostgreSQL, REST API’s and Rapid Application Development for Legacy Data

Date: 2017-09-08
Time: 23:00 - 23:50
Room: Market Street
Level: Beginner

A non-informed look at existing data locked up in legacy data stores and applications can seem to be unlikely candidates for use in web or mobile applications. Migrating this data to PostgreSQL can completely change the usability of the data, the options for software development and, as a consequence, its value to the organization. When such a move is coupled with adding RESTful API's and Rapid Application Development tools the legacy data can be combined with data from other internal and external applications to greatly enhance the user experience and simplify operations. This presentation shows an example of how with little or no code and the right tools an existing data source can made more valuable to the organization in a short period of time and at a relatively small expense when compared to alternatives. Starting with a legacy data source we migrate it to a cloud ready PostgreSQL database and add an adaptable a mobile and web interface built with Ajax. Attendees will be provided with links to download the code and tools used in the demo.


Charles Finley