Enhancements to the bitemporal model support: integrity constraints

Date: 2017-09-08
Time: 20:30 - 21:20
Room: Market Street
Level: Advanced

In this talk we continue to explore the challenges of bitemporal data model implementation in Postgres.

This research was started about two years ago with the goal to develop support of bitemporal data in Postgres. We based our implementation on Asserted Versioning Framework (AVF), introduced by by Johnson and Weis in the book Managing Time in Relational Databases.

While prototyping the basic bitemporal operations appeared to be straightforward due to the existing features of Postgresql ( such as support of ranges, including the time ranges and implementation of gist indexes with exclusion), the implementation of bitemporal constraints presented more challenges. In our talk, we will present the mathematical model, which we use to prove the existence of foreign key dependencies and the algorithm to verify these dependences.


Boris Novikov
Chad Slaughter
Henrietta Dombrovskaya