Schrödinger's Elephant

Date: 2017-09-07
Time: 20:30 - 21:20
Room: Cyril Magnin
Level: Intermediate

Is our elephant in a box alive or dead? Is it time to run PostgreSQL in containers or not? The answers to both of these questions are related, as we will show.

In this philsophical-technical talk, we will go over the pros and cons of container cloud PostgreSQL. Using the metaphor of the quantum superposition of an elephant in a box, we will explore both the current technical advantages of running our database under Kubernetes StatefulSets, and the new problems such an environment creates. Along the way, we will discuss the implications of automated cloud environments for a database system which was built with the hands-on DBA in mind, the needed features for Kubernetes to be database-friendly, and the work required to make PostgreSQL a cloud-native database.

This presentation will include copyable examples of PostgreSQL deployments from OpenShift Online. Attendees will get a good picture of the current state of database support in container cloud environments.


Josh Berkus