#6- Learn how to develop apps with ‘Azure Database for PostgreSQL’ (PM) (Free!)

Date: 2017-09-06
Time: 20:30 - 23:30
Room: Lombard
Level: Intermediate

Microsoft recently launched ‘Azure Database for PostgreSQL’, a PaaS offering for PostgreSQL. It is a managed database service built for developers using the community version of PostgreSQL database engine without the management and administration burden.

In this session, we’ll go over the architecture, built-in capabilities and demonstrate features that the service has to offer. We’ll walkthrough some of important tasks such as connecting your application securely to the database service, monitoring and troubleshooting, restoring from the automated backups and scaling on-the-fly. Get ready for some hands-on experience.

The ultimate goal of this training is to enable attendees to confidently start using the ‘Azure Database for PostgreSQL’ service and point their existing application to it.


Saloni Sonpal