Emmett Plant

Company: ZomboDB
Twitter: @Emm_Initiative

Emmett Plant is a writer, composer and producer who has produced over twenty 'Star Trek' audiobooks for CBS/Paramount, and served as the audio engineer for 'How To Speak Klingon' from Chronicle Books. As a writer, his work has been featured on Salon, The Wall Street Journal, and Gawker Media's io9.com. He has served as a Slashdot Author and the Editor-in-Chief of Linux.com.

Blurring the boundaries between technology and entertainment, Emmett has served as the CEO of the Xiph.Org Foundation, which is responsible for a vast number of freely licensed multimedia codecs, from Theora to Vorbis to FLAC. He is the Creative Director of Clockwork Jetpack, a production company based in Phoenix.