Diana Putnam

Company: Microsoft
Twitter: @dianabputnam

Diana Putnam has been at Microsoft for over 19 years. Before Microsoft she earned her Computer Science and Business degrees from Whitworth University and began her career at Metropolitan Mortgage as an IT developer where she taught herself ASP to SQL Database web programming techniques. Those techniques landed her first job at Microsoft as a contract CSS engineer. After 8 months she signed on as a fulltime employee in Human Resources IT as a developer. She contributed as a developer and development manager for 5+ years enhancing almost every HR IT application used internally by all Microsoft employees; including building the first ASP direct connect application to SAP – Benefits@Microsoft. Diana then decided to try her skills in the Program Management realm and released Performance@Microsoft and managed various big data systems such at the Revenue date warehouse within Business Intelligence IT. About 5 years ago, she joined C&E first with the Data Insights team in SEALS and was an IC for 3 years doing Partner Engagement, data analysis and clickstream reporting for Azure Data Services product teams. In September of 2016, she began managing a team of PMs and lead the Enterprise Concierge Services and Customer Intelligence teams. Just about a year ago she joined the Azure Database for PostgreSQL/MySQL/MariaDB team. She now leads the Customer Success PM team within the Open Source database on Azure Product Group where she 'white gloves' top enterprise customers to be successful on the OSS db services.