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PostgresOpen SV 2017 CFP Opens!

PostgresOpen SV 2017 just released a new design on their website and have announced that the Call For Papers will be opening up in just a few days!

Updates on the upcoming conference are available through the mailing list - send a message to to be subscribed. Updates are also published regularly through their Twitter account, @postgresopen.

PgUS has a new website!

We have been hard at work for the past few months working on a new website and are pleased to finally be able to show it to everyone! This new website has a membership section (it's small now, but we will be working to expand it soon!), allows new members to join as Professional members immediately using a credit card to pay their dues (other methods are still supported, of course), and provides the back-end code to the PostgresOpen Associated Project.

If you see any issues or have any questions regarding the new website, please contact us!

PgUS 2016 Board Election: Official Results

The results of the PgUS 2016 Board Election are as follows:

Elected to the 2016 PgUS Board are: - Debra Cerda - Joe Conway - Stephen Frost

All three candidates were elected by a majority of voters (and were the only candidates for which that was true). Their board terms will begin in March 2017, when they will join returning board members Michael Brewer, Jonathan S. Katz, Jim Mlodgenski, and Mark Wong. Thanks to Joshua Drake, Kris Pennella, and Robert Treat for their service on the board. If you have any questions about the election, please email Michael Brewer, PgUS Secretary, at Thanks to all the voters!

Reminder: Today is the last day of nominations for 2016 PgUS Elections

Hello, everyone! Just as a reminder: Today is the final day to nominate (or self-nominate) for the 2016 PgUS board election. Please email your nomination(s) to the corporation secretary (me) at I will be posting platforms/bios on the PgUS website by October 26, so (if you're self-nominating) please include your bio and(/or) platform in your email.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks for participating in our board election!

---Michael Brewer Secretary, PgUS

PgUS 2016 Board Election: Candidate Bios/Platforms

Below are the names, bios, and platforms (if provided) for the current candidates for the 2016 PgUS Board election.

Candidate Name: Debra Cerda

Candidate Bio: Debra Cerda has 18 years of experience in data acquisition, analysis, and management as well as project management and RDBMS development in both private and government sectors. Debra has served as the Director of Sales and Business Development for Blue Treble Solutions, which supports clients needs with PostgreSQL data architecture, management, and optimization. Debra recently joined 2nd Quadrant, as the Practice Manager for the U.S.

Debra is an open source and PostgreSQL advocate, and has volunteered at PGOpen as well as PGConf US 2016. She is also a co-organizer of the Austin PostgreSQL Users Group, the 2016 PG Day Austin, and PGConf US 2017. She helped secure and represent the PostgreSQL community at other events including the last two years at Texas Linux Fest and OSCON Austin

Candidate Platform: I have long had a commitment to open source, having been involved by supporting codeathons and educational events in the open source community in Austin for over ten years. While I haven’t made code contributions, I do contribute regularly to the PostgreSQL community through advocacy and volunteerism as referenced in my bio.

I have extensive experience serving on boards of non-profit organizations, including local, state, and national. Several of these positions have provided skills and experience that I can apply towards a board position with the U.S. PostgreSQL Association.

· As director for Black Star Co-op, the world’s first co-operatively owned and worker-managed brewpub, I contributed to the startup and growth of our co-op by recruiting new member-owners. As chair of the Leadership Development committee, I routinely developed and delivered board training.

· As a member of the Governing Committee for the American Homebrewers Association, I’ve supported and led the formation of the Diversity Subcommittee, dedicated to meeting the diverse needs and increasing the strength of the AHA’s membership for over forty thousand members. We strive to foster an inclusive environment, to include more people from various under-represented sectors -- gender, ethnicity, generational, geographic, and more.

A priority in any board membership role is to solicit feedback and address concerns from membership. As the U.S. PostgreSQL Association grows, we should continuously evaluate challenges, opportunities and changes, while improving communication to build a more robust organization.

I have the will and determination to contribute to the growth and health of the PostgreSQL community, and have the support of my employer. I can devote time to this role to make it a success.

In conclusion, as a candidate for your U.S. PostgreSQL Association board, I am committed to:

· Promote PostgreSQL as an open source database platform to more users and developers as well to other relevant open source communities

· Foster diversity and inclusiveness in our organization

· Drive improved organizational processes within our organization

· Improve communication with our membership

Thank you for your consideration.

Candidate Name: Joe Conway

Candidate Bio: Contributions as follows (since roughly the year 2000)

Code Implemented set-returning (a.k.a. table) functions. Significantly improved bytea and array data types, including adding support for btree indexes. Added support for polymorphic argument types. Developed multi-row VALUES list capability. Wrote several "contrib"​ libraries including "dblink"​ and "tablefunc" ​ (connectby() and crosstab()). Improved and consolidated several "contrib" libraries into the “fuzzystringmatch” library. Created the pg_settings system catalog VIEW and related support functions. Coded the original has__privilege functions. Added shared_preload_libraries configuration parameter and related functionality. Wrote pg_config system view and related functions Exposed pg_controldata via a series of 4 functions Coded generate_series() Many other miscellaneous features and bug fixes. * Author and maintainer of a PostgreSQL procedural language handler for the R language, PL/R.

Community Member of the PostgreSQL project infrastructure sysadmin team Committer: push access to the PostgreSQL project main git repository * Moderator for pgsql-bugs and pgsql-novice

Conferences Member Program committee Postgres Open for past 2 years Primary organizer for the Postgres event at SCaLE for past 5 or 6 (or 7?) years (as of 2015 a two day event, and as of 2016 a two track two day event) Member of Program committee for Regulated industry summit 2016 Member of Program committee for Regulated industry summit and PGConf.US for 2017 * Speaker at many events

Candidate Platform: According to its website, The US PostgreSQL Association is a non profit public charity with the following purpose:

(a) Educate, promote and support the creation, development and use of the PostgreSQL Open Source Database software, a software system which is available to the general public without charge; (b) Provide information and education regarding the use of PostgreSQL; and (c) Organize, hold and conduct meetings, discussion, and forums on the contemporary issues concerning the use of PostgreSQL.

As a PostgreSQL committer, member of the PostgreSQL infrastructure team, the organizer of San Diego PostgreSQL Users Group and PostgreSQL@SCaLE, committee member for Postgres Open, the Regulated Industry Summit, and PGConf US, as well as a speaker and volunteer at numerous conferences, I have lived those words.

As a board member I will bring my experience with these educational events, and with developing Postgres itself, using Postgres, and helping others use Postgres successfully as a consultant, to bear. I will continue to advocate for, and promote the use of, PostgreSQL with the same energy and zeal that I have applied for over 16 years.

Thank you!

Candidate Name: Joshua D. Drake

Candidate Bio:

Candidate Platform: As a founder and long term Director of United States PostgreSQL it has been a pleasure working with the varied members of the board. I look forward to working with the newly elected board to continue our mission of bringing PostgreSQL education and visibility to the United States community.

I not only helped create United States PostgreSQL, I was the architect of several of our key services to the community including but not limited to:

.. Associated User Group Framework .... Providing non-profit status to many of our popular user groups including NYCPUG and AustinPUG.

.. Shepherding the inclusion of PgConf US .... Providing non-profit support to the largest PostgreSQL conference in the United States

.. Diversity Scholarships .... Encouraging diversity to our community

If elected, I do not intend to run as an officer but I do plan on continuing to push forward an agenda for PostgreSQL. I would like to see the following:

.. Associated Project Framework (I have already begun work with the current board on this service) .... To allow other community projects to receive PgUS support

.. Proper corporate support framework .... That does not dissuade small businesses from participating ....* Reduce the burden of corporate sponsors supporting multiple projects

..* An increase in smaller events such as the upcoming Austin PgDay

..* Increased member participation

..* An increase in education delivery such as live free support sessions and presentations

Candidate Name: Stephen Frost

Candidate Bio: I, Stephen Frost, am interested in running for the United States PostgreSQL Association Board.

I have been involved with PostgreSQL for nearly 15 years and have contributed to PostgreSQL and the community in many different ways:

  • PostgreSQL Major Contributor and Committer

  • Member of the PostgreSQL Infrastructure team

  • On the PostgresOpen conference committee since 2014

  • Committee Chair of PostgresOpen 2015 and PostgresOpen 2016

  • Successfully worked with sponsors and the PostgresOpen Committee to make PostgresOpen a destination conference for hundreds while managing expenses to ensure continuation of the conference. Since I have been involved, PostgresOpen has been financially net positive every year, with sufficient funds to bootstrap the following year's conference.

  • Trainer and speaker at numerous conferences around the world, interacting with PostgreSQL users of many different backgrounds.

  • Co-Organizer of the Washington, DC PostgreSQL User Group (DCPUG)

  • Chief Technology Officer at Crunchy Data, sponsor of many PostgreSQL and non-PostgreSQL conferences.

Candidate Platform: PostgreSQL.US is chartered to educate, promote, and support the creation, development and use of PostgreSQL, and further to provide information and education regarding PostgreSQL and to organize, hold and conduct meetings on the contemporary issues concerning the use of PostgreSQL.

To further that effort, I would continue to work with the major US PostgreSQL conference organizers to ensure those events are successful and well run, to allow their continued operation and expansion, and to continue to connect with the local PostgreSQL User Groups (PUGs) to broaden the PostgreSQL community through education and promotion.

Further, to ensure that our organization continues to operate smoothly, working towards our charter and with timely votes and appropriate care given to the members of PostgreSQL.US, and as a member of the PostgreSQL infrastructure team, I would work to improve PostgreSQL.US's systems and processes to make sure that our membership is taken care of and that our organization is able to focus on our charter to provide education for and promotion of our favorite open source database, PostgreSQL.

Candidate Name: Scott Mead

Candidate Bio: I've been working in, on and around PostgreSQL for about 11 years now.

From a contribution standpoint

  • I was the one that modified pg_stat_activity in 9.2 (,

  • I was the original developer behind the EDB-provided open-source installers and binaries given freely to the postgresql community as well as the architect of BigSQL's free distributions of postgresql.

  • I have been speaking at PostgreSQL conferences for the last 7 or 8 years

  • I've contributed to the -admin and -general lists for quite some time

  • I work closely with clients in order to get them involved in the community whether through code, conference sponsorship, talks, etc..

  • As a BigSQL architect, I push hard to ensure that we provide community friendly tools that integrate the big-data and postgresql ecosystem, we try to include and simplify many things and provide it purely free and open-source to the community and its user base.

Candidate Platform: I'm very excited about the opportunity to even further my contribution to the community. I've been able to make a career out of PostgreSQL, it's not my job, it's my life. I love that what I work on can be made freely available and that I have the opportunity to serve the community as a board member of the US organization.

Thank you for your consideration.

Candidate Name: Denish Patel

Candidate Bio:

I, Denish Patel, am interested becoming Pg.US board member. I have been involved in Postgres community for last 8-9 years. I have spoken at numerous Postgres conferences, write blog posts [ ] and run Postgres Slack channel [ ]. I'm considering myself as Postgres Advocate.

Candidate Platform:

Candidate Name: Christophe Pettus

Candidate Bio: Christophe Pettus is Chief Executive Officer of PostgreSQL Experts, Inc. He's been working with PostgreSQL since version 7.1. He also serves on the board of the Django Software Foundation.

Candidate Platform: As a long-time PostgreSQL DBA and consultant, and CEO of PostgreSQL Experts, Inc., I'm looking forward to giving back to the community. I also serve as treasurer of the Django Software Foundation, and thus have experience with the operation of and issues facing software not-for-profit organizations.