board of directors

Information on our full board of directors can be found here.

  • Stephen Frost - President
  • Mark Wong - Treasurer
  • Michael Brewer - Secretary
  • Debra Cerda - Director
  • Jonathan S. Katz - Director

associated projects

The United States PostgreSQL Associated has created an Associated Project framework to give legal and financial support to projects that are aligned with PgUS's mission for their individual goals. If your project aligns with the PgUS mission and you wish your project to be associated with PgUS, please review the Associated Project guidelines and contact us at
To look at our associated projects, please visit our associated projects page.


Please email the Secretary ( for a complete list of resolutions until we finish out site migration.

The most recent version of our bylaws can be found here and a copy of our IRS determination letter here.


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If you are interested in our financials, please contact us at

Our IRS determination letter is available as a PDF here.