Conference Schedule - PGConf NYC 2021

Abbas Butt

Company: EnterpriseDB
Twitter: @this_is_abbas

Abbas Butt ( is a Senior Software Architect at EnterpriseDB. He has been working for EnterpriseDB since Jan 2011. He is a regular speaker at PostgreSQL conferences. He has over 20 years of product development experience.
Currently working on * xDB Replication Server Previously worked on * Online schema migration from Oracle to PostgreSQL * XA Compliance for PostgreSQL * Postgres-XC * Packages for IBM DB2 * UTL_ENCODE * UTL_TCP * UTL_SMTP * UTL_MAIL * Hospital Management System * Tele-medicine & Video Conferencing * Electronic Stethoscope * Accounts Management System * Payphone Management System * IVR based Telecom Billing System * Voice Communication System * 8051 micro controller based payphone