Conference Schedule - PGConf NYC 2021

NORM: No ORM Framework

Date: 2021-12-02
Time: 14:45 - 15:35
Room: Salon C
Level: Intermediate
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It's a well-known fact, that although the database performance is great, and each query is executed in milliseconds, the overall application response time maybe slow, making the users wait for response for an extended periods of time. We know that the problem is not the database, but the way the application developers communicate with the database. Specifically, we are talking about ORMs - Object-Relational Mappers. Database developers hate them, but application developers love them, because they allow to develop applications without any knowledge of database internals. As a result, the system performance is often unacceptably slow.

The only way to change this behavior is to provide application developers with a tool, which is as easy to use, as an ORM, but which will allow to escape the common ORM pitfals. That's why we developed NORM - No-ORM Framework. During this presentation, we will go over examples of code from repo and learn how to build "transport objects" for efficient data transfer between applications and databases


Henrietta Dombrovskaya