Schedule - PGConf NYC 2022

Why PostgreSQL is becoming the standard in Financial Services

Date: 2022-09-22
Time: 17:05–17:55
Room: The Hub
Level: Intermediate
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The FSI industry vertical includes various sub-verticals such as Insurance, Capital Markets, Banking, Fintech and Payments. Decisions about what technology to use are largely driven by tight regulations being imposed on the Financial Services institutions and also due to the increasing pressure to remain competitive. The demand for PostgreSQL within the Financial Services industry has been rapidly increasing in recent years; mainly due to large scale digitization and / or modernization initiatives, reduction in licensing costs, better choice of open source tools, and the robust enterprise features that PostgreSQL provides. This talk discusses the opportunities that large-scale change initiatives can present, how to overcome reservations about running mission critical applications on OSS and how PostgreSQL is uniquely positioned to benefit the FSI industry.


Shayon Sanyal