Schedule - PGConf NYC 2022

Do we really need a DBA to manage our PostgreSQL databases on DBaaS ?

Date: 2022-09-22
Time: 15:45–16:35
Room: The Forum
Level: Beginner

With an increased adoption of PostgreSQL on DBaaS, developers are observed to be deploying their PostgreSQL databases and missing some of the key aspects.

Especially while migrating from Oracle or other databases to PostgreSQL, Cloud vendors sell DBaaS much more than their capabilities. The major understanding of leaders is that they are self-managed when deployed on DBaaS.

In this talk, we shall discuss the key problems that are always unsolved in this misunderstanding of self-managed databases such as -

  1. Scalability
  2. Limited understanding of tuning internals
  3. Parameters being chosen by Cloud vendors that are not appropriate for all workloads
  4. Pricing underestimations and no attempt in right-sizing
  5. Instance Upgrades solving database problems due to lack of database optimizations.
  6. Performance problems needing the data to be moved to In-memory databases.


Avi Vallarapu