Schedule - PGConf NYC 2023

Call Me Back, Postgres

Date: 2023-10-04
Time: 15:00–15:50
Room: Club Parlor
Level: Intermediate
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PostgreSQL’s’ trigger functionality provides an easy way to implement callbacks at the database level. This becomes a powerful tool when you need to quickly and reliably execute additional transactions or statements as a result of an initial transaction. Coupled with Postgres’s listen and notify features, you can also extend that power out to a web application or other service that can process additional business logic such as syncing data between systems.

This talk will walk through Postgres’ native trigger, listen, and notify features and illustrate some practical use cases for these functions. We will then explore how you might leverage these functions to design a complex data syncing architecture with another application. Finally, we’ll conclude with a case study about how we supported a client in rebuilding their digital architecture to connect three disparate data stores by using Postgres triggers, listen and notify.


The following slides have been made available for this session:


Ifat Ribon