Schedule - PGConf NYC 2023

PostgreSQL Query Performance Insights v2

Date: 2023-10-03
Time: 15:00–15:50
Room: The Hub
Level: Intermediate
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This talk had excellent attendance in 2021. So, here it is with more and better insights.

Understanding query performance patterns are the foundation for query performance tuning. It dictates how a database cluster evolves. There are direct and indirect cost connotations as well.

With improved observability and using the right tools, you can get the best out of your existing setup and ensure that it can handle not only the average load profile but peak load. We'll see how tools like pg_stat_activity, pg_stat_statements, auto_explain, pgBadger, and pg_stat_monitor can deliver a complete picture to help measure, analyse and optimise your queries and database system.

Beyond these tools, what to consider when building a performance configuration tool with a look at the PG configuration advisor tool.


Hamid Quddus Akhtar