Schedule - PGConf NYC 2023

The Various Methods for Creating Incremental Materialized Views in Postgres

Date: 2023-10-05
Time: 10:40–11:30
Room: The Hub
Level: Intermediate
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The talk will begin with a brief explanation of materialized views and their role in Postgres, as well as the limitations of traditional materialized views and the challenges associated with maintaining them.

Next, we will discuss the concept of Incremental View Maintenance (IVM), including how it works and its advantages in terms of performance, resource utilization, and data freshness. We will cover various methods for implementing IVM, including triggers, extensions (such as PG_IVM), TLEs, and application code.

We will then examine how streaming can be utilized to create real incremental materialized views, including how different SQL operators can be maintained in real time when data changes, as well as the challenges this approach presents.


Maor Kern