Schedule - PGDay Chicago 2023

    The Benefits of Source Control for Your PostgreSQL Databases

    Date: 2023-04-20
    Time: 13:40–14:30
    Room: Halsted Hub
    Level: Intermediate
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    The vast majority of developers are long used to using source control as a fundamental aspect of their job. Yet, most database developers and data management specialists are not yet using source control, or only use it in a limited fashion. This session will lay out all the benefits that can be derived from getting your Postgres databases into a source control system. We'll discuss a number of the mechanisms around how source control works as well in order to further establish ways in which it helps protect your production systems. I'll even walk you up to how source control provides a foundation for database DevOps. You can relatively easily implement source control management on your databases and will immediately see many of the benefits from this session.


    Grant Fritchey