Schedule - PGDay Chicago 2023

    Playing Nice with Your Friends: Database Diversity with Postgres FDWs

    Date: 2023-04-20
    Time: 15:55–16:45
    Room: Kinzie Forum
    Level: Intermediate
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    You want to use Postgres. Your data lives outside of Postgres, and you're not ready to migrate it. Or, you want to leverage performance features of other databases like Redis, so you can't migrate it to Postgres just yet. In either case, you can still use Postgres! Foreign Data Wrappers (FDWs) give you the ability to query external data from within Postgres, just as if it were a regular Postgres table. This talk will discuss all about FDWs and how you can leverage this feature for performance and stability.


    The following slides have been made available for this session:


    Richard Yen