Schedule - PGDay Chicago 2023

    Partitioned Table Conversion: Concept To Reality

    Date: 2023-04-20
    Time: 09:00–09:50
    Room: Wayman Studio
    Level: Intermediate
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    In this presentation, all steps of a partitioned table conversion are presented from concept to reality. Powering an important feature in a Ruby on Rails SaaS startup company’s main app, and actively used by thousands, great care was taken to avoid downtime and errors. To grow the use of partitioning on the team, automation, standardization, and an explanation of immediate and future value were presented.

    All Declarative Partitioning types are briefly summarized, and an explanation of selecting Range is presented. Code samples and open source tools are publicly shared where possible.

    With this case study as an example, and the knowledge gained from the presentation, administrators and web app developers will be inspired to put partitioning into use in their PostgreSQL databases. Engineering managers and stakeholders will gain an understanding of the technical benefits, organization benefits. Listeners will gain a good understanding of the trade-offs.


    Andrew Atkinson