Schedule - PGDay Chicago 2024

Creating New PostgreSQL DBAs Out Of Available MySQL DBAs

Date: 2024-04-26
Time: 11:45–12:30
Room: Hub2
Level: Intermediate

I used to be the certification manager for MySQL AB (later Sun Microsystems and Oracle). Hiring managers used to tell me it was hard to find good MySQL DBAs but impossible to find a good PostgreSQL DBA.

If you are in need of a PostgreSQL DBA and want to train some existing MySQL (classic build versus buy economics), there are many trained MySQL DBAs you could convert easily. The good news is that they understand the basics of data administration but they may find the 'pinch points' of PostgreSQL confusing. This session will talk you through how to easily train someone with a modicum of MySQL skills in the arts and skills of PostgreSQL server administration. There are lots of things that will impress them to be found which will encourage them to want to learn But there are a few things you will need to teach them to ease them into their new role. You will see how to set them up with a learning environment similar to what they are used to in the 'dolphin' realm, the steps they need for basic admin skills, and how to approach some of the toucher subjects (Vacuum? Toast! Xid wrapping??) in an appropriate adult fashion.


Dave Stokes