#4 - Adv. SQL + Functions

Date: 2016-09-13
Time: 18:30 - 21:30
Room: Ft. Worth 2
Level: Intermediate

PostgreSQL is renowned for its advanced features, excellent support of the ISO SQL standards, and deeply rooted extensibility.

This tutorial will enlighten the audience on the vast array of powerful capabilities available through standard, albeit advanced, SQL. We will delve into examples such as recursive and writable CTEs, moving window aggregates, LATERAL, and other less commonly known SQL language features supported by PostgreSQL.

Additionally we will explore PostgreSQL functions, which are at the core of its extensibility. In PostgreSQL functions can be used as an end in-and-of themselves, or they can be used to allow the creation of other custom SQL objects such as operators and aggregates. We will illustrate many of the key features of Postgres functions and extensibility through relatively simple examples.

Finally the session will conclude with examples utilizing recently added SP-GiST indexing and JSONB data type.


Joe Conway
Stephen Frost