#5 - Autoscaling PostgreSQL with Kubernetes and OpenShift Part 1 (Free)

Date: 2016-09-13
Time: 14:00 - 17:00
Room: Amarillo
Level: Intermediate

You keep hearing about containers and maybe you have even played with Docker. You are now wondering - how do I run and manage this in production? In this session we are going to show you how. We'll level set with a quick intro to Docker, then show how Crunchy Data has taken advantage of containers to do more with PostgreSQL. Then we will demo bringing these images up to scale and orchestrated with Kubernetes and OpenShift - two open source projects used to manage containers. The tutorial will include an introduce to Kubernetes and OpenShift, training on deploying OpenShift and examples and working code with discussion showing PostgreSQL in a full featured container-based application.


Jeff McCormick
Steven Pousty