Communications Policy

The United States PostgreSQL Association (the Association) has established the following policies for use of Association systems, communications media (including social media channels), and electronic devices.

Electronic Media

The Association uses electronic mail and other types of electronic communication mechanisms to facilitate communication in the conduct of the Association's business.

We expect our volunteers to be professional and respectful when using email, chat communications, or other media when conducting Association business. Sending messages that could be considered offensive, harassing, or discriminatory is prohibited. Help us make these methods of communication as effective as possible by using them efficiently and responsibly.

When you are using Association resources, please remember:

Using electronic communications systems appropriately ensures that you are helping the Association to:

The Association reserves the right to access all information stored on its computers, networks, servers and email system. For this reason, you should have no expectation that anything you create, send, or receive on channels managed by the Association will be private.

In order to prevent electronic and internet-related abuses, and the presence of unauthorized copyrighted material or obscene or derogatory material on the Association’s system, you must observe the following usage restrictions:

Use of Mobile Telephones and Portable Electronics

Many mobile phones and other portable electronic devices come with built-in photo cameras, as well as audio and video recording capabilities. Although these features are fun for personal use, using them in the context of Association business can lead to violations of privacy and breaches of confidentiality.

Additionally, laws on electronic recording vary by location, and it is not possible for the Association to create a policy which satisfies the disparate legal requirements.

Therefore, please do not use any photographic or recording devices, including cameras and the recording capabilities of mobile phones or other portable electronics, while conducting Association business. If you believe that recording a particular meeting or event is necessary, please contact the Association's Board of Directors to discuss the matter.

Prohibited Use of Mobile Phone and Other Electronic Devices While Driving

In the interest of the safety of our volunteers and other drivers, you should not use your mobile phone or other electronic device while driving on Association business and/or Association time. But really, you should do this all the time. The Association expects you to know and to comply with all state and federal laws governing use of mobile phones and other communication devices while driving.

Association Property

Association systems and accounts are to be used exclusively for the conduct of Association business. The Association reserves the right to monitor voicemail messages and email messages at any time to ensure compliance with this rule, with or without notice to the volunteer.

The Association may periodically assign and/or change passwords and personal codes for voicemail, email, and other systems. The Association reserves the right to keep a record of all passwords and codes used, and is able to override all passwords on its systems.

All Association accounts and systems access provided to you are the property of the Association and, as such, we have the right to revoke any and all privileges at any time, with or without notice.

All equipment you use to access Association accounts and information should be password- protected with a secure password. Do not leave devices unlocked and unattended when you are logged into Association accounts.

All equipment should be kept in a safe place when not in use. Equipment should never be left in an unattended vehicle, even if the vehicle is locked. When traveling, keep all devices on your person or in your carry-on bag, and do not put these items in your checked bag.

If any piece of equipment with Association information is lost or stolen, immediately notify the Association Board of Directors, so that they can take appropriate action.

Personal Websites and Blogs

In general, the Association views personal websites and blogs positively, and it respects the right of individuals to use them as a medium of self-expression, with reasonable care taken to protect Association confidentiality.

If you choose to identify yourself as a volunteer with the Association, or to discuss matters related to the Association‘s business on your website or blog, please bear in mind that, although you and we view your website or blog as a personal project and a medium of personal expression, some readers may nonetheless view you as a de facto spokesperson for the Association.  In light of this possibility, we ask that you observe the following guidelines:

If you have any questions about these guidelines or any matter related to your site that these guidelines do not address, please direct them to the Association's Board of Directors.

Professional Conduct Guidelines

We want our volunteers and members to have a professional and pleasant environment. It is our goal to provide an environment wherein you can operate effectively and comfortably, meet professional goals, and develop positive relationships with other volunteers and members of the Association.

Your conduct when working as a volunteer or presenting yourself as a member of PgUS reflects on the Association, and is therefore important to us. We have established these guidelines to clarify the Association’s expectations of appropriate conduct.

Failure to follow these guidelines, or acting in a manner which is unprofessional or inappropriate as determined by the Board, will be grounds for action by the Association, including possible termination of your volunteer status and your membership in the Association.